Every girl wants to look beautiful and be the center of attraction for everybody on the day of marriage, but it is not right to make too much makeup in the desire to look good. Let’s know about some important things about makeup on wedding day.

Tips for beautiful bride look

  1. Keeping the bride simple, it may look beautiful. Generally, the bride is heavily dressed with heavy fabrics and ornaments, so it is better to have a make-up naturally.
  2. If you want a traditional bridal look, then add lipstick to red, coral red, dark red and dark pink color. Avoid using lip color of pastel or nude colors.
  3. Highlight any one of the eyes or lips and not both of them. Nowadays new bridal makeup styling are in the trend. According to the function, give lips to shiny look from lip gloss or use a matte lipstick.
  4. The blush of pink, red and purple color is the choice of most brides to apply a blush to the cheeks.
  5. Mascara is a better option to give a better look to eyebrows.
  6. Clean your face thoroughly for durable makeup, and then wipe the face well and make sure that there is no scar of oil or any dirt anywhere on the face.
  7. Use eyeshadow with golden or light pink sheds on the eyelids and can use a little gray shadow on the outer part for a smoky look.
  8. If you are planning to be ready with the help of a make-up artist, then you make them clear what you need or how you want to look. Telling them already will help you get the look you want. If the make-up artist is new, then before the wedding ceremony, you must definitely make a make-up after that, so that there is no problem afterwards.
  9. On the wedding occasion, the more you stay away from stress, the better it will be for you. It is difficult to do this because of the preparation and engagement of the wedding, but stress can snatch the entire glow of your face and your beauty will look somewhat lacking.
  10. Use the Chamomile Tea Bag to reduce inflammation, if the eyes become swollen due to no stress or adequate sleep, because the use of common tea bags can stain the.

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