Karwa Chauth, an Indian festival symbolizing the love, affection and dedication of a wife for her husband. Wife remains hungry for a whole day and prays the moon in night with a wish to bless her husband with long healthy life. This is not just a fast it strengthens the bond  between husband and wife. Husbands also keep their wives motivate throughout the day and try to keep them entertained so that they can pass the long hungry day with ease. Be it your first karwachauth or 25th every woman expect some things from husband as their mark of love on this day and choosing a gift for your wife can be dramatically tough for husband. Here are some beautiful ideas to make your wife feel special at a very minimal cost of around Rs. 3,000.

A beautiful dress for a beautiful occasion

Women love dresses. Gift your wife a special dress to wear on Puja. Surprise her in morning with this as a  beautifully wrapped gift .If you are inexperience about woman clothing take the help of your female friend or colleague. You can order online or go to market. This will not be heavy on your pocket and your wife will love this sweet gesture in morning time.

Salon Vouchers

Find out which salon is her  favorite and book an appointment for some facials, pedicure and manicure and drop her to the salon so that she can spend some good times there and make her feel pampered. We bet she will thank you many times in heart for taking care of her and making her feel special like this.

Makeup Accessories 

We ladies never have enough makeup things even our dressing table is fully loaded with variety of makeup things. Check out your wife’s favorite cosmetics brand and buy some good shades of lipsticks,nail paints and put all these in a cute pouch to gift her. This simplicity will surely make your lady fall in love again with you.

Dinner Date

Every couple tends to spend some quality time with each other. Occasions like Karwachauth are best to have some WE time and go out for a romantic date to cherish the all good times together. Once your wife has done the Puja in night, take her to a good restaurant, order her favorite food and enjoy the meals with lots of chatting and lovely moments.


Gift a beautiful hand bag to your wife on this special day and hide some love messages in it.She will be surprised and happy to read these messages.She can use handbags in her daily routine so it will keep her reminding your sweet efforts to make her feel your queen.

Apart from these gifts,give your wife your precious time,care and respect as these are the most desired things that a woman needs in her life from her partner.