Hey Readers or I would like to say travellers, this article is for all those adventure seekers who love bikes, curvy roads hilly areas and lots of things to explore. Yes I am talking about the road trips. India has abundant beauties for the adventurers to explore and here are top 5 road trips that you must take before you get old. So just get your bags and friends ready and get set go…

Chennai To Munnar


The best way to escape the hot Chennai weather is take your bike/car and leave for Munnar. The 600 km trip has the most refreshing roadsides and curves that thrill the soul and feast the eyes. The soothing air will take you away from the hustled-bustled environment of city life. On the way you can stop at Tiruchirapalli a place well-known for Chola Reign’s fortresses and temples.

Delhi To Shimla

For all the north Indian, Shimla is like neighbouring hill station that can be visited every summers but for the bikers and road trippers the adventure is to the next level. From Delhi take the bike route to Shimla leaving behind suffocating city style to breathe in fresh air and pleasant valleys. Around 350 kms journey can make you feel a little nausea but never mind as long as your soul feel refreshed. The GT road has food stalls and dhabas to kill the hunger and continue the journey.

Ahmadabad To Kutch

The 6 hours road trip from Ahmadabad to Kutch covering 381 kms is soul-satiating as the widespread whitesalt desert with the sky so bright is a heavenly sight. On the way, the road offers you to stay at Dhangardha where you can visit some great temples and mosques.

Mumbai To Goa

My dream road trip and I guess of all the young girls and boys. Goa is always at the top in everyone’s dream destinations. A road trip from Mumbai to Goa which has a variance like sea, sun and treat around you is just like a dream and that is why it is called father of all road trips. The smooth roads covered with shady trees and sometimes sun peeps through them is amazing. You must reach there by Saturday night as the nightlife of Goa is something we cannot miss.

Dehradun To Nainital

From the city of rain Dehradun to the trekkers’ heaven Nainital, the curves of the road are meant for the strong-hearted people. The road surrounded with deep and dangerous valley calls for iron-heart to drive the bike. For the photographer, this trip is much more than adventure, it will offer you abundant natural beauties to capture in your camera and may be you will get a chance to enjoy trekking too.

So readers just get ready to add some masala of adventure in your life. Pick the nearest destination, turn on the engine and just explore.