India is an exotic land which offers us abundance of natural resources, valleys, mountains, deserts, rivers, waterfalls and forests to explore and relish the nature’s heavenly beauty. Rich in elegance and adventure, our country gives us some great spots and places to visit and feast the soul with peace and adventure and that too in just 10,000 INR. Want to know which are those places, read below:




Just 400 kms away from Delhi, this heavenly white beauty of Himachal Pradesh offers you the scenery which is heavenly. The place offers many sights that you can visit by paying nothing like Bhagsu Falls and Dip Tse Chok Ling Gompa. Along with that McLeodGanj is a relatively cheaper tourist destination in India and you can go there with just 5000 INR in your pocket.




The small town near Bangalore is well-recognised for the Tipu Sultan’s bravery. The purity of the air makes you fall in love with this small town and for the sightseeing the city offers you Mysore Palace, which exhibits its grandeur and magnificence through the royal architecture. Bindraban Gardens with just 15-20 Rs. entry fees is another place to be visited.




Famous for its huge salt lake, Lonar in Maharashtra should always be in your checklist if you are visiting Mumbai or any other city of Maharashtra. Lonar is just 300-400 km away from Aurangabad and offers you a plethora of adventure. The salt lake  which is inside a 500 years old crater is place to visit. In Lonar, temples like Gomukh Mandir and Daitya Sudhan Mandir are worth visiting.



A place with boundless natural beauty just few kms away from Dalhousie is visitor’s choice for peaceful ambience. Khajjiar offers you the nature’s lap with soul-soothing sounds of birds, fresh air and skyhigh trees. The vast green ground is where people would love to go. You will get a market to buy some exciting stuff and photographers with the traditional himachali outfits to capture the memories to relish forever




Yeah Its true, Goa is such an exotic place and a dream trip to all Indians, and favourite honeymoon destination of couples. The beaches, clean roads, greenary of the state offer alot to explore. Goa’s nightlife is the central attraction for the young stags and couples along with that the romantic luxurious houseboats are the ready to be hired and exploration of new origins of this beautiful heaven.



The hill station of Tamil Nadu is filled with scenic beauty and natural essence that just enthrill you body and satiate your soul. The surroundings of Neelgiri hills make this place worth watching. The sloppy roads and curvy railway route is quite exciting and budget friendly. There are many places to visit like Avalanche, trekking, Coonoor and tribal dance at night.



The exotic place of Arunachal Pradesh is one of the most pleasant tourist destinations in India. Recognised for the beautiful monasteries located at the heights of hills Tawang satiate your soul with spirituality of its air. The orchid sanctuaries have some great feasting experience for the senses. Being a spiritual place, you will not get non-vegetarian food here. But the food offered by local hotels is fairly good.


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